Engraving Designer Controls


The Engraving Designer loads with the default text “your engraving here” you can edit this text, change the size of the lettering, change it’s position, choose from a selection of letter styles and on certain materials i.e. brass & aluminium you can also specify the colour infill of the engraving.

Design Area Controls

ADD TEXT – For adding more areas of text to be engraved, you can also change the size position, letter style and choose the colour of your text on materials like brass and aluminium.

CHOOSE FROM DESIGNS – there are two sections in designs:
1 – A selection of fixings, choose from a simple drilled hole to a brass or chrome capped screw complete with the requisite drilled and countersunk hole.
2 – Choose from a range of ornaments & clip art to add that finishing touch to your engraving design, engraved ornaments & clip art can be moved, resized and rotated, you can also specify the colour of them on brass & aluminium etc.

DOWNLOAD – Download a copy of your engraving design to your device in JPG, PNG or PDF format.

INFO – A handy link to the help page.

LOAD – Load an engraved design you have Saved previously.

MAGNIFY – A magnifying glass to help you see all the detail.

PREVIEW – Full screen preview.

PRINT – Sends your engraved design to your printer.

RESET – If you’re not happy reset will let you start from scratch.

SAVE – Save a copy of your design, the design is saved into the cache of your browser.

UNDO/REDO – undo the last thing you did/undo your undo.

ZOOM – opens the zoom window.





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